Gov’t approves plan to ‘drain’ Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean

You gotta love this one!  I hadn't heard anyting about Fukashima for a while so it got me worried.  I did a quick search today and this is what I found.  Read and be afraid....very afraid.  If you live on the west coast, it may be time to invest in new protective gear!


The Ultimate Guide to Learning about Radio Communication and Why You Should

A good article on the basics of radios, selection, and licensing from ITS Tactical.  Lots of information here if you are interested in radio communication.  Enjoy!


Soaking Secrets to Master the Art of Cooking Beans

Here is a short but good article from Preparedness Mama on soaking beans.  Good information for the beginning scratch cook.  Enjoy!


The Ultimate Camping Checklist

     A good post from reThinkSurvival.com, you gotta love ultimate checkists!  I've looked it over and it seems pretty complete.  Even has spaces at the end of categorys for you to add your own items.  Enjoy!




DIY Spice Mixes And Herb Tips

     A good post from Are We Crazy or What? about DIY Spice Mixes and herb Storage.  A lot of really usefull information and a couple of good Ball products featured in the article.  Enjoy!


Sick of Ticks? Take Brad Paisley’s Advice

     A post for those of you enjoying the outdoors on the 4th of July.  I found this on Survival Sherpa.  I wonder if any of these repellent recipes work?  If they have worked for you, please leave a comment.  Enjoy!


Easy Homemade Pizza Calzones

Another tasty dish from The Prairie Homestead.  I can't wait to try this one with the kids!  There are also links in their post to Homemade Pizza Dough and Homeade Mozzarella Cheese (part two is here)!  Enjoy!