Let’s Bring Back Victory Gardens

I agree whole heatedly with the author. We should bring back Victory Gardens. Let people enjoy the benefits of growing some of their own food(better health and fitness are just the start). Please read and next spring, plant your own victory garden!


Alert: Back Door Gun Control Moves Forward

     Very scary article.  Take a look at what is going on behind the scenes.

Make a Skull and Crossbones Candy Dispenser

     From Woodworking for Mere mortals comes another good halloween project.  Spend the time with your kids and let them help put this toghether.  Enjoy!


Acorns: The Inside Story

     Another informative article on using acorns for food.  Lots of good information here.  Enjoy!

How to Make Butter

     Ever wanted to make some homemade tasty butter?  This article tells you how.  There are also several different recipes for flavored butters.  Enjoy!

Oatmeal Cookies

     Another good staple...i mean dessert...for the colder months!  Milk and warm fresh baked cookies are one of my favorites.

Crockpot Chicken Corn Chowder

     This looks so tasty!   And the weather is getting to that cooler time of year when a mug of hot soup is a good warm-up after being out in the cold all morning taking care of the animals.  Good Eats!

Apple Cinnamon Bouchons

Another excellent recipe from the Paratus Familia Blog, although to me it sounds more like dessert than breakfast.  Who am I to talk, I usually have two soft pretzels and cheese for breakfast!  Enjoy!


5 Most Toxic Food Additives to Avoid

Read this informative article from Mother Earth Living to get good information on several additives and chemicals found in prepared foods. Avoid them and better your health!


3 Chicken Raising Methods: A Comparison

A good artice laying out the pros and cons of three different ways to raise/house your flock. Good information in there. Enjoy!




Brian’s Alternative Hand Tool Storage

     Excellent use of space for storing tools.  My hats off to the carpenter.  Jump on over to The Wood Whisperer to see all the great shop storage Brian built.  Enjoy!

Make a toe-pincher coffin candy dish for Halloween

     I really enjoy this blog and the accompanying videos.  Here is the latest with plans for a casket candy dish.  You rock Steve!!!  Keep up the excellent work!

Making Handles for New Tools

     This is an older post of his but I really like the handles he made.  Makes me want to go out to my shop and finally make handles for my files.  I think I'll go to Lee Valley to get the ferrules though.  I think I'd prefer the brass over using copper pipe fittings.  Enjoy!


33 Awesome DiY Projects

     An articel containing links to 33 DIY Projects from around the internet to get you started on/help you continue your journey towards self-reliance.  Enjoy!


Subsistence Survival Re: The Stealth Poacher

     A very good article.  I encourage all to read it.  There is a time and a place for it, as I tell my boys:  "If it comes down to it, it's better to have to explain to a judge why you were taking game out of season than get the final escort by six friends."


The Harried Homemaker Preps: How to Cook an Old Rooster

     A good article with recipes for cooking an old rooster or laying hen.  I hope you enjoy it.


Nesting Box Herbs - Chicken Aromatherapy

     A good article about the benefit of adding herbs to your chickens nesting boxes and brooders.  Definitely trying this one.  Worth the read!


Preppers To Freeze Without A Crosscut Saw

     A short article about the advantages of having a crosscut saw to assist you in cutting firewood.  Also has a link to buying a crosscut saw as well as sharpening guide.  Enjoy!


Honey Maple Pumpkin Bread Recipe

     This recipe sounds delicious!  I suggest you make up a batch today and try it for yourself.


How to Plant Garlic

     Good article on planting garlic.  Unfortunately the weeks in my garden are not deterred by straw, they grow right through it!  I think I'll plant a small crop this weekend and see how it goes over winter.


The Three Stages of US Martial Law

     Scary article.  Food for thought.  Read and think long and hard about trusting your government.


10 things to buy every time you shop

Good short article. Every time you shop may be a bit excessive once you have a good stockpile started, but you get the idea. Enjoy!



Never Run Out Of Meat Again – An Introduction to Raising Meat Rabbits

     A very brief introduction to reaising rabbits for meat.  Definitely just a skim over article and look for other more indepth sources of information.  Some are listed below the link  to the article.


Rendering Lard

A short but informative post on how to render lard in a slow cooker and process it for long term storage.


Dam Raised Goats: 4 Reasons to Skip the Bottle

     A good article on why you should let your young goats be raised by their mothers and not bottle fed by us.  There is also a book giveaway at the bottom of the article.


Acorn Maple Shortbread Cookies

     Ever tried a Acorn Maple Shortbread Cookies?  Neither have I, but this article make me want to bake some up!


How much do I need?

     A very good article designed to help you figure out how much of each kind food and other items  you use to put aside in case of emergency.  Well worth the read!


Sew by Hand: Build Your Own Sewing Kit

     A good article on getting together your own sewing kit so you can repair your clothes instead of buying new ones just because you get a hole in them. Enjoy!

     The book offered at the end of the article is no longer available from their website.  You can however, find it here (affiliate link):  Sewn by Hand: Two Dozen Projects Stitched with Needle & Thread


A Canning We Will Go: Apple Pie Filling

     A good article about canning apple pie filling.  I only hope my wife reads this entry!


The Pantry Primer

     A good series of articles about building up your pantry and efficiently using the items located there including getting started, meal plans, home canning, and much much more.  Read them all as a good source of excellent information.


17 Great Ways to Utilize 2-Liter Soda Bottles for Survival

     Seventeen different ways to utilize 2-liter soda bottles in your preparedness plan.  I'm not sure about filling them with water, capping them, and placing them in a camp fire to boil water, but hey...whatever floats you boat!  Also discusses the SODIS method of water purification (which I had never heard of, very interesting as well).



5 Myths about Water Storage

     Here is a good article debunking several myths about storing water.  Check it out and make your water storage plans as safe as possible.  Well worth the read!