Free E-books

     Free E-books to download from Preppers Custom Search.  Enjoy!

How to Make and Use Char Cloth

     A good article detailing how to make and use char cloth.  I've been meaning to make a bunch of this for use with my fire piston.


Break the Bank: Build Your Local Economy

     Another good article from Mother Earth News on "getting back to the basics" of economy.  Bartering is making a huge resurgence all around the country and is a good way to get what you need and help out a neighbor at the same time.  A site you can go to if you'd like try bartering is Barter Quest (non-affiliate link), check out the "meet you half way club" while you are there.


Dead Simple Fodder System

     An informative and thurough article about sprouting seeds for your animals as a way to cut feed costs.  Well worth the read.  I'll have to try this in spring when I have more time.  Enjoy!


The Pantry Primer: Stockpiling Grains

     Good information on different grains and deciding how much to store.  Enjoy!

The Perfect Homemade Biscuit Mix from Food Storage

     Another excellent article from Backdoor Survival.  Enjoy the biscuits and pancakes...I know I do!

Outrageously Delicious Malted Chocolate Brownies

     They sound to good to be true!  I think I wanna try this one next!  Enjoy!


Sharing your Prepping Knowledge with Your Family

     A good post about sharing you knowledge with the rest of your family.  I think it applies to more than prepping.  Let's pass on all of our skills.


Life (and Death) on the Homestead

     A good article on life and death and how different people, even in the same family, can perceive it.  Definitely work the read.


Build a Basement Root Cellar

     An article with advice on how to build a root cellar in your home.  Not a bad project.  Enjoy!


Gourmet Foraging and Advanced Acorn Processing

     A really informative article on processing acorns.  Well worth the read!  Enjoy!