Coke Bottle Watering "Globes"

     A short tutorial from radmegan in words and pictureson making a water globe out of a coke bottle.  I've also heard of people doing the same thing with 2 liter soda bottles.


5 Uses For Chickens In the Garden

     Mike's Backyard Nursery's article cirting five benefits of having chickens to help your garden.  The only thing left out is where he fails to mention about the chickens eating the fruits of your labor if you don't keep them out once the plants start to bear fruit!


20 Awesome Survival Books for Kids

     All kids should read these classics, as well as the other books on the list.  This article, from Mom with a Prep, does say that kids wouldn't lose anything by not reading all three of the books in the hunger Games trilogy.  I disagree with that.  There is a lot to be learned in all three of the books.  Not necessarily about preparedness and survival, but resilience, loyalty, and serving your community.  Those are probably the most important aspects you can take from that series.


How to Make and Use Zeer Pots to Keep Your Foods Cold

     Preparedness Advice details how to make an eco-friendly "refrigerator".  It's a very interesting concept.  I'd like to know from any readers if they have tried it and what their results were.


Living Fences: How-To, Advantages and Tips

     Another excellent article from the folks at Mother Earth News.  This one is about growing living fences.  If I had a larger homestead and could keep livestock larger that chickens and ducks, this would be a project I could see undertaking.


How to Build a Chicken Feeder

     Another great article from Grit!  How to build a pest and weather proof chicken feeder.  Check it out!  I'll have to start on a couple of these next week!


Prepper groups, power in numbers

     An interesting article from Geek Prepper.  It makes a lot of sense.  Kind of like haveing a militia to help the community in times of need.  Remember, it took FEMA five days to reach the Super Dome.


Drills to Test Your Preparedness

     Preparedness drill for you to test your family with from Prepared Christian.  Just remember that if you have kids, try to make the drills serious but inroduce an element of fun or reward for good performance.


Six survival tips that you can use every day

     Six excellent tips and explanations from All Outdoor.  This is a short and concise read with good sense driving suggestions.


Random Acts of Prepping

     From the Survival Sherpa comes a good article on helping your fellow man as well as introducing them to or assisting them with getting prepared.  After reading make sure you go out and commit a


How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool

     Mother Earth News has an informative article on constructing a natural pool in your back yard.  The article is from 2002 so the prices are probably just a bit understated; however, I think the


How To Make Stevia Extract

     An article from New Life on a Homestead detailing how to make stevia extract for use in baking and other foods.  A rather simple process once you have thaken the time to grow the plant.


14 Sustainable Food Companies You Can Trust

Another good article from the folks at Mother Earth Living detailing 14 companies whose products are sustainably grown and that have a positive impact in other environmental areas.