Rabbit, Hare and Squirrel Recipes

     Tons of recipies from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook for various game animals.  With hunting season coming up it's time to bookmark a couople of these to try out so you can expand your meal variations throughout the seasons!


10 Great Pretend Games to Help Your Children Develop Preparedness Skills

     A really good article from Mom with a Prep.  I think my family will try a couple of these games this weekend.  I already know they like camping in the back yard.  Time to find out how well they would handle a hike around town or go on a scavenger hunt around town or in the back yard.


Self-Seeding Crops You’ll Never Need to Replant

     Mother Earth News discusses planting your gardens with self-seeding plants so you can spend less on seed each year.

Six Ways To Save A Dying Garden

     A good article from prep-blog.com containing six strategies for saving your garden when it is failing or failed the year before.


21 Container Vegetable Gardening Tips

     Some good tips from Mike's Backyard Nursery on gardening in containers.  Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering, but hey, if it was something you didn't know before then the read wasn't a waste!


Make your own Dirt Cheap, Bulletproof Garden Water Wand

     A quick blurb and link to a video from Preparedness is Fundamental about making your own garden wand.  Check it out, maybe it can save you a few bucks over buying a Wal-mart special.


Step-by-Step Plan to Fill Your Pantry Using Only Your Grocery Budget

     A quick three minute read from Family Survival Planning with a basic strategy for getting your food stores on a budget.  I think this is a method everyone can use to prepare. 


Build an Outhouse (Privy) with plans from 1909

     An interesting article from The Prepper Journal.  Unfortunately the book is no longer in print because I am sure it is filled with tons of other ideas.  You can download a .pdf copy of the book (the link is in the article) but the book is over 1100 pages so it would use a lot of paper and take up quite a


Grocery Store Prepping

     A short article from The Approaching Day Prepper containing a strategy for building up your short term supply of emergency food.  Not a bad article, it does contain a few good ideas.  I personally don't like the idea of stocking up on prepared foods because of all of the nastiness put in


Homesteading in Suburbia – Five Easy Ways!

     A few good ideas from Keeper of the Home.org you can use to be partially self sufficient even in suburbia.  I still have one or two of the suggestions to implement, but we are getting there!


Retractable PVC Hoop House

     Another fantastic article from the Grit website!  That site is a plethora of information on so many topics.  I spend hours a week looking through their articles.  This latest gem is about making a


39 Fantastic Prepping Tips

     Another excellent article from Backdoor Survival with thirty-nine preparedness tips submitted by readers of the blog.  The last one on the list is very simple, I'm suprised I never thought of something similar.  I'm going to be using that tip every time I go on vacation.


12 Things You Should Know About (and Do With) Your Eggs

     A good article from Crunchy Betty about pastured eggs and their benefits over commercially produced eggs.  I will have to say that we have, as a family, thoroughly enjoyed our feathered friends for their company, whimsical personalities, and those delicious eggs.  I knew some of the information in the article already, but a good portion of it was new information for me and I thought it was all very interesting.  I think I may need to try making some of that egg shell tea when I start my garden next spring.


Cleaning Brass for Reloading

     This is a fairly decent article from the Harbor Tool and Freight Blog discussing three different methods of cleaning cartridge casings for reloading; once you get past the obvious sales tactics of course.


How to Process Chickens at Home

     A really good step by step set of instructions from the Ramblings of a Redneck Mommy blog. I have a feeling I may be putting these to use soon. One of the roosters is getting a bit "uppity" and I don't think I'm going to tolerate much more of that.


Building Shelter for Miniature Donkeys or Goats

     An article from Mike's Backyard Nursery that can be a source of inspiration for someone who wants to DIY a shelter for their animals but doesn't have extensive carpentry skills. I would advise you to also look into the building codes for your area so the county and state don't come by and make you take it down.

How to Receive Emergency Alert System Messages - Code Green Prep

     A good article from Code Green Prep about emergency alert radios.  Only piece of advice I might add is to have a solar charger and extra rechargeable batteries or get a backup that has hand crank and solar charging capabilities.


Top 10 Items for Modern Homesteading Kitchen

     A list of items of use in any kitchen, not just a homesteading one.  See what you have on the list, are there things you are missing?  This would be a good weekend to hit a yard sale or a thrift store to see what you can pick up.


37 Awesome Survival/Prepping Hacks

     An inspiration riddled article from How to Survive it.com with a bunch of suggestions for survival/prepping projects.  This made me think of so many other tings I can make or reuse!

How to Prevent Burglary

     Here is a good article and checklist from Preppers Planet with suggestions to make your house less of a target for thieves.


5 Uncommon Skills That Will Be Useful After the SHTF

     Another good article from Backdoor Survival.  Make sure you take the time to learn at least one, if not two, of these skills.  The can be very important, even in normal times.

Growing Food Hidden in the Forest

     I really didn't think there were that many perennial fruits and vegetables that you could base your gardening around them.  I can't wait for part two of this article (from Mother Earth News.com)!

     You can also get the book Secret Garden of Survival: How to grow a camouflaged food- forest (affiliate link) that talks all about growing hidden gardens.