Newest Homeschool Project

Well...here is a pic of our newest homeschool project.  This is the first really long term project.  Some have lasted over a summer or a winter but this will be their first multi-year project.

They were almost a week old at this point and already feathering out.


I'll try for seven again...

Well, Just under two years ago I said I was going to try and blog once a day for seven days in a month.  I'm suprised I made it to 5 days, but I think it's time to try again.  Since the last time I was here I have been very busy with homeschooling, gardending, woodworking, and way to many other past-times to be counted here.  I have had my successes and failures in all areas as is to be expected in life.

Here is one of most interesting things I found online today, I intend to put some of these sources to use!


Read it and enjoy!