Newest Homeschool Project

Well...here is a pic of our newest homeschool project.  This is the first really long term project.  Some have lasted over a summer or a winter but this will be their first multi-year project.

They were almost a week old at this point and already feathering out.

I picked up 5 Ameracaunas and 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks when they came into Bowman's in Westminster, MD on Valentine's Day.  The kids knew they were coming but they were not expected until sometime in March, so this was a nice suprise for them.  I had just finished their brooder the weekend before and moverd it into the house added the bedding and hooked up the heat lamp so we could test it all out and make sure I didn't need to raise or lower the lamp.
I built the brooder over the period of about three weeks.  Mostly because of the cold temps making it hard to work in the shop, but also because I could only work on it about fours hours a week.  Me eldest helped me a lot with it and I am very grateful for his help, even if it was begrudgingly given.
Here is a pic of the brooder.
The Chicken Brooder
The main body of the brooder is 2' W x 4' L x 2' H.  Below the main brooder body is a shelf holding the tub of bedding and tub of food.  I will put the food in a metal trashcan once I move the chickens into their tractor (which is the next project).
I am really proud of the kids , they have taken a great interest in keeping the chickens.  Well, that's all for now.  I have to get to Home Depot and Lowes this weekend to start picking up lumber to make the chicken tractor.  I think that will be a very fun project as well.
As always:  Until next time, keep safe and warm and enjoy life to the extent you are able.

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