A Fun Family Ostara/Easter Event

I understand that this is a little late if you celebrate Ostara, but if you live in or near Carroll County, here is a nice Ostara/Easter activity you could attend with your kids:

Carroll County Public Library - Dye Eggs the Natural Way




Baking for Survival - Denver Biscuits

Another delicious looking recipe...same blog as the last.  Look thorugh their older posts, I bet there are more! 


Paratus Familia Blog: Baking for Survival - Denver Biscuits: Contrary to the deceptive title of this post, these biscuits aren't survival food in the classic sense, but in more of a "help m...

Quintessential Survival Bread

I found this on another blog today and with St. Patrick's Day just behind us, I though this was appropriate for a random thought!  Enjoy this recipe for Irish Soda Bread!

Paratus Familia Blog: Quintessential Survival Bread: At its core, survival depends upon efficient, simple and effective methods for dealing with the necessities of daily life.  Food is no ex...