A good brief tutorial from Your Preparedness Story discussing communication security for preppers.  A very interesting read and old-hat if you ever served.  Enjoy!


Hardtack or Pilot Bread is Good for Long-Term Storage

Another article and recipe from Preparedness Advice Blog.  This time about how to make and store hard tack.  Good article and a recipe I think I'll try since the summer camping season is in full swing.  Enjoy!


How to Cook on an Open Fire

A very brief tutorial from Montana Homesteader about cooking over an open fire.  Good information to know if you ever intend to rough-it outdoors.  Enjoy!


Meatless Recipes for Hard Times

     Here is a concise article from Preparedness Advice Blog containing three meatless recipes for when times get hard.  Enjoy!


Whizbang Chicken Plucker Makes Processing Chickens Much Easier

A good article from Grit about DIY'ing a tub chicken plucker.  Links to but the plans included!  I imagine that it would work for most poultry but do your research before you try it, enjoy!



5 Tips for Introducin​g Teenage Chicks

An excellent article from Community Chickens about inrtroducing juvenile chickens to an established flock.  We have been going through this for the last coupole of weeks as we introduce our new birds to make room for the new hatchlings in the brooder.  Enjoy!


How to Make Dandelion Wine and Dandelion Cookies

A pair of recipes from Common Sense Homesteading utilizing the most famous garden pest -  dandelions!  One is for wine and the other for cookies! 


Raising Meat Chickens - A Two Part Series

     A good two part series from Melissa K. Norris about raising and processing meat chickens.  Enjoy the articles!


The Easy Way to Peel Farm-Fresh Hard-Boiled Eggs

     A good article from The Prairie Homestead about an alternative way to hard bolk and peel farm fresh eggs.  I need to try this one at home. 


Family Lock Box

A good article from Survival at Home about the importance of and what you should put in (which will vary by family) a family lock box.  Enjoy!