Unexpected Change of Plans

Well, life threw me a curve last week through this week. The snow arrived early and I had to take my youngest son to the dentist to have two teeth pulled, so needless to say, no hike on that day. That was OK, I figured I'd just push the hike off until the weekend. No joy their either. My middle son came home last Wednesday with a fever and a cough, he was stuck out of school for two days, then we all caught it. By Saturday, my youngest son was in the throws of this horrible virus.

On Monday, my oldest son was out with it. Thank the gods that school was closed due to snow. School was two hours late on Tuesday and they all went, except for my youngest son, who was still having trouble getting rid of the fevers and now my daughter was showing signs of the nasty cough and runny nose as were my wife and I.

On Wednesday, school was closed again due to snow and that is when my daughter, my wife, and myself hit the bad part of this infection. My daughter couldn't keep any food down (to this point, she has only had a mild fever, if any at all) which is not good for a 10 month old, so we made a doctors appointment for her. I took her to the doctor and of course, there is nothing they can do or prescribe for her has she is so young. Just giver her pedialite a little at a time until she can keep that down and then start slowly with formula again. Nice...and what a good use of my $15.00 co-pay. They couldn't have just told me that on the phone!? I do as the doctor says and by Wednesday evening, my daughter is finally keeping food down again and we put her to bed.

The next day she is feeling even better, eating her “puffs” and drinking formula. At about three in the afternoon, I lay her down for a nap because she is just tired an fussy. At eight that night, I go in to get her up because she did not wake up for dinner. She is burning up! My wife takes her temperature, and it it over 104 degrees Fahrenheit! We give her some acetaminophen and a bottle of cold pedialite to try and bring down the fever. After two hours, there is no change, do I take her out of her nightgown and let her lay on me in just her diaper. After another hour, her fever is gone and she is feeling better. Needless to say, with all of us still recovering from this bug, no hiking or picture taking this weekend either, not even with the warmer temps. Hopefully, I can reschedule this for another weekend in the near future.

Well, that's all for now. Keep safe and warm until next time, and above all, enjoy life and your health as much as you can.

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