Generic Randomness

I really have nothing in mind to write about today so I'll just follow the name of my blog and type in the random things that flow through my mind today.  Sorry if you aren't interested, but no one is making you read this.

  1. Why is it that we are willing to furlough all of the civilian federal employees who, for the most part, do a good job but we are allowing the elected officials to continue to get paid when they have failed to pass a budget for this year before the budget deadline?  Wouldn't we be better off not paying them if they have not passed the budget for the next year at least three months before it would take effect?  We should also stop paying them once they leave office.  Once their terms are up and they no are no longer serving the country, they should go and get another job, just like the rest of us need to if we leave our current employment.  Politicians make me sick.
  2. I received the ten trees and two crape myrtles from the Arbor Day Foundation today.  Now I just need to find a place to plant them.  I also have to wait until the weather warms up a bit more.  I don't think the saplings would like to be transplanted in this cold weather.
  3. I really like Pop Secret popcorn.  Act II used to be my favorite, but lately the taste has changed.  I also really like Pepsi Throwback.  It tastes much better that the version that uses the corn syrup.  I understand that the corn syrup provides a consistent sweetness, but there is a difference in taste that can not be denied.
  4. I really dislike McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, and Taco Bell.  All of their food makes me sick, usually after only an hour or so.  It did not do that when I was a kid.  It makes me wonder what they have changed.  Thankfully KFC and Subway don't make me sick yet.
  5. I have recently gotten back into woodworking.  I have a lot of things I would like to make.  Unfortunately, I have no place to put them once they are built.  I guess I'll be giving away a lot of homemade gifts this year.  I guess that will take care of Christmas!
  6. Maybe I can sell some of the things I make.  That would be nice.  I think I'll start small and make a couple of cutting boards or a jewelry box until I can re-hone my skills.  Of course, that will be after I make the workbenches I'll need so I can have a decent workspace.
  7. Just saw the first picture of Mercury that was taken by the Mercury Messenger spacecraft.  It is very detailed.  I also found it interesting that they have discover that the poles of the planet are frozen and that there is liquid water on Mercury.  I would have thought that a planet that close to the sun would be unable to maintain water of any kind.  It was also in the article that Mars has a large liquid iron core that, similar to the Earth's, that generates a magnetic field like we have on Earth.  Fascinating stuff.
  8. Opening day for baseball is tomorrow!  Go O's!  Go Cubs!  Go Keys!  I can't wait to go to the Keys game on the 12th.  They will be playing the Pelicans.  Then on the 30th I'll be able to see the Keys play them again in South Carolina.  I will enjoy it, I hope the kids do as well.  They are at least excited to go to the first game.
Well, as you can see, not much goes on here.  I'm going to close this out now because I've been typing off an on for over six hours.  Time for me to get ready for bed so I can be at work bright and early tomorrow morning.

Until next time, keep safe and warm and enjoy life to the extent you are able.


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